Instagram Influencer Study and Research

I will find top instagram influencers to promote your brand

About This Service

After having 4 years of experience and helping multiple businesses to grow their revenue at an exponential rate with my marketing strategies and tactics , I will help you in increasing your revenue of your business by bringing more sales by connecting you with top instagram influencers relevant with your niche

Influencers in your niche or industry are those who have a huge fan following of such people who can be your potential buyers.Influencer marketing will help in increasing your sales and revenue at an exponential rate because of the booming use of social media

Why choose me?
After understanding your business and market,I will put into action the exact and proven ways to connect with influencers and get them on board. All this strategy has helped my previous clients and will surely help you to achieve the results that you expect.My growth lies in yours. I can make sure that you get the results as my previous 15 happy clients have got and are getting

What will I do for you?
• Find Influencers specific to your niche
• Verify their engagement rate
• Provide templates of how you can do the first communication with those influencers
• Teach you on how to negotiate on pricing 
• Provide you “Step by Step Guide” on how develop good business relationship with them


5 Niche Influencers + 5 Email Templates + Influencer Strategy Guide 

 3 Days Delivery       1

What's Included

  • Niche Influencers - 5
  • Email Templates - 5
  • Influencer Strategy Guide


10 Niche Influencers + 7 Email Templates + Influencer Strategy Guide 

 4 Days Delivery       2

What's Included

  • Niche Influencers - 10
  • Email Templates - 7
  • Influencer Strategy Guide


20 Niche Influencers + 9 Email Templates + Influencer Strategy Guide 

 5 Days Delivery       3

What's Included

  • Niche Influencers - 20
  • Email Templates - 9
  • Influencer Strategy Guide

Compare Package

Package Basic Package
Standard Package
Premium Package
Niche Influencers 5 10 20
Email Templates 5 7 9
Influencer Strategy Guide
Total $10