Voice Over

I will record a professional male/female voice over for any script.

About This Service

I am a professional voice over artist working out of a custom studio specially designed for voice overs. I have recorded for hundreds of small business and Startups.
Vocal Approaches
Natural - Conversational
Narrative - Storytelling
Formal - Business Oriented
IVR - Voice Prompts
Character - Acting Dialogue
Inspirational - Motivational 
VSL - Virtual Sales Letters
I will NEVER sound like a DJ.
Can Be Used For : 
Video Sales Letters (VSL)
Voice Over
Phone greetings
On hold Message
TV / Radio Commercials
Business Training tutorials
Audio Book
Elearning Modules
Power Point Presentations
Explainer Video 
Whiteboard Video
Smartphone Apps
Voicemail Greetings
You will get your voiceover back in 48 hours or less.

Want within 24Hrs?

IF yes, choose "SUPER FAST," and your project becomes the very next thing I record.

All normal orders are delivered as 320 kbps mp3 files.


Voice Over

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What's Included

  • Number Of Words - 150